How to do electrical panel maintenance?

Today, due to population growth and its concentration in urban areas, and the need to increase industrial production to meet the various daily needs of this urban population, the construction and use of all kinds of commercial and administrative, educational, industrial, sports and recreational buildings and residential settlements are very common. Is. Different types of huge towers and structures, along with multi-storey residential buildings and industrial towns, require energy supply and high-quality mechanical and electrical facilities to provide production conditions, proper access to heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, as well as suitable communication devices for the continuation of people’s activities. They live in them. Among the devices required for the electrical installations of all kinds of large and small buildings, we can mention the switchboard.

Switchboards are devices that are of various types of electrical parts such as control switches, tools for reducing and increasing voltage and current, relays, internal wire and cable connections, various fuses and internal circuits, etc. and depending on the type of application, the building used They are installed in certain parts of the utility network according to the needs of the users. Also, different types of switchboards have suitable frames and insulation, as well as housings and covers to protect the equipment and parts in the switchboard from external factors and also ensure the safety of the switchboard and the people present in the place against electric shock. Electrical panels are divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure electrical panels in terms of voltage. It is obvious that due to their cheapness, greater efficiency and lack of need for high pressure switchboards, the use of low pressure switchboards is more common and they can be easily and cheaply prepared and installed. In this article, explanations are given about the measures related to the maintenance of the electrical panel, such as the maintenance and repair of the electrical panel, the daily checklist of the electrical panel and its control, as well as the control of the quality of the electrical panel and its maintenance methods.

چک لیست روزانه تابلو برق

Measures related to the maintenance of electrical panels

As mentioned, the use of low pressure switchboards is more than medium pressure and high pressure types for various reasons. The potential difference of low pressure switchboards is below 1000 volts and they are divided into the following categories according to their types.

  • The motor control panel that is installed to power the three-phase motor of various electrical devices;
  • Industrial distribution switchboard that is installed in industrial units to supply the required electricity flow;
  • residential distribution switchboard, which is used to distribute electricity in residential buildings;
  • capacitor bank switchboard used to correct the electric power factor;
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) switchboard installed for automatic management of industrial processes;
  • Marshalling switchboards that establish communication between the main switchboard and facility management systems.

Considering the complexity of the parts and devices connected to the switchboard and the need to use it throughout the year and in different conditions day and night in various types of buildings, the maintenance and repair of the switchboard is very vital and important, and for this, technical experts and technicians Professional and skilled are needed. Therefore, observing the technical and safety points can protect the electrical panel and its internal parts and prevent accidents and material and life damages. Among the actions related to the maintenance of the electrical panel, the following can be mentioned.

Compliance with safety principles

Undoubtedly, in any profession where there is a need to work with dangerous tools and equipment, there is a need to observe safety tips and use all kinds of preventive accessories. During the periodic inspection and service of the electrical panel, it is necessary to first provide all kinds of insulating gloves and suitable covering for manual contact with its various connections.

Installation of warning of preventive and safety measures in the vicinity of the board

Considering that in many parts of the building, depending on its use and size and the number of floors, there is a possibility of installing electrical panels to power and control the lighting and ventilation systems of the building, informing through the installation of warning and danger signs near the electrical panels and also Expressing the access limits of different people to the facilities in the electrical panel can play a fundamental role in its optimal and safe maintenance.

Installing a fire extinguisher next to the electrical panel

Like many other terminals or equipment related to mechanical and electrical installations, installing a fireproof capsule next to the panel can be a solution in the event of a connection and sparks that lead to a fire and power outage, and prevent the spread of damage.

Electrical panel repair methods

Considering that even in the case of proper maintenance and the use of the pm form of the electrical panel, there is a possibility of failure and technical defects in it after a long period of use, it is possible to diagnose the electrical panel using different methods and take action according to the problem that has arisen. He fixed it. Among the types of methods that can be effective in quick troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical panels, the following can be mentioned.

Opening the front door of the electrical panel compartment and visual inspection

The advantage of this work, as the first step in the troubleshooting and maintenance of the electrical panel, is that you can observe the possible changes in the appearance of all types of switches and fuses, and learn about the heating and half-burning, and the production of various sounds and burning odors by the internal parts of the electrical panel.

Circuit breaker review

The main switch of the electrical panel is the circuit breaker. In case of any fluctuations in the current or a connection in the building’s power supply circuit, this switch will cut off the current to prevent damage to the electrical installations and parts inside the switchboard. If the panel is damaged and this switch is not cut off, it is a sign of malfunction and it needs to be repaired. Abandoning it may lead to the complete destruction of the electrical panel and the occurrence of a connection or irreparable damages.

افزایش عمر تابلو برق

Periodic inspection of the electrical panel with the help of infrared rays

By using thermal images (Infrared), it is possible to identify the equipment that has a temperature higher than the permissible limit and find the reason. The display in the infrared device makes it possible to be informed about the problem in the electrical panel instantly and to fix it.
Circuit testing, voltage testing, insulation testing and…

It is also possible to review and test various connections and parts installed in the electrical panel to find out about possible defects by checking the input and output current, the potential difference between the two ends of the internal connections, the operation of the relays and fuses, etc. Maintenance of their electrical panel took place.

Electrical control and maintenance checklist (daily)

Due to the fact that in many industrial, commercial-administrative and educational buildings and structures and in all structures with important uses and exposed to public use, daily and consecutive monitoring and maintenance of the electrical panel is a priority like other construction facilities. A review list or checklist for performing the review process can help to simplify the process and prevent forgetting a part of the daily reviews, and possible errors can be fixed with its help. In the following, a summary of the technical expert’s actions to review the internal parts and repair and maintenance of the electrical panel has been introduced.

  • visual inspection
  • Insulation check
  • Checking the connection status of protection circuits
  • Check the status of the circuit breaker
  • Cleaning and cleaning from dust
  • Lubrication of joints of moving parts (mechanical)
  • Relay performance test
  • Checking the efficiency of fuses
  • Securing wire and cable connections inside the electrical panel
  • Checking the installation of warning signs around the board

Repair services of all types of electrical panels of Arin Perto

According to the mentioned cases, the repair and maintenance of the electrical panel and its related services are necessary and important for every building, including office-commercial, residential, industrial, hospital, educational and medical, recreational and sports, etc. The maintenance and repair of electrical panels requires special expertise and skills, and considering the benefits of using them in buildings with the mentioned uses, which include reducing energy consumption, increasing the efficiency of devices connected to electrical installations, reducing the time and cost of repairing industrial electrical panels, and Terminals and electrical devices, increasing the accuracy in the configuration and installation of wires and cables in the building exits and most importantly protecting the environment in the wake of reducing energy consumption, it is necessary to be visited on a daily or periodic basis.

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