Completed projects

Arian Parto residential projects

Currently, construction project activists are installing standard switchboards based on the conditions to protect the devices of residential units against current fluctuations and electric shocks. Arin Perto Engineering and Technical Group has been engaged in designing and manufacturing all kinds of industrial and household switchboards and is ready to provide switchboard installation and commissioning services. This collection uses all kinds of models in residential electrical panel projects according to the environment and customer needs. In addition to carrying out electrical switchboard industrial projects, Arian Perto provides applicants with the design, construction and commissioning of residential project electrical panels as quickly as possible and at an affordable price under the supervision of expert and experienced personnel.

Arian Perto Power Development Company operates in the country’s electricity industry, including industrial switchboards, building switchboards, and high-quality cable trays, and always strives to achieve the highest customer satisfaction rate. In addition to supplying electrical equipment, this collection offers customers design, construction, maintenance and repair services for all types of industrial and household electrical panels; Therefore, employers can leave their residential or industrial switchboard design and construction projects to this group safely and easily.

Here we intend to introduce the residential projects of Arian Perto electrical switchboard that have been successfully completed; Therefore, we suggest you stay with us until the end of this article.

The smart building switchboard is one of the most practical electrical and electronic protection equipment in Arian Perto’s residential switchboard projects, which will be installed and set up on site according to the information of the residential projects and the needs of the users under the supervision of a professional and skilled technician. Among the examples of Arian Perto’s residential projects in the field of electrical panel design and installation, we can mention the Elahia project, which was successfully completed by the experienced engineers and staff of Arian Perto. Arin Perto Technical and Engineering Group, as the executor of electrical switchboard residential projects, is ready to cooperate with tower builders and construction companies; Therefore, applicants for residential switchboard design and construction projects can contact the experts in this field by visiting the site or Instagram page of the collection and place an order for the design and installation of low pressure and high pressure switchboards.

Arian Parto industrial projects

Today, for the construction and development of industrial units, the most key and main need of a workshop, production, power plant, refinery, etc., is the supply of high pressure electricity through the industrial power supply network. Therefore, carrying out industrial switchboard projects on small and large scales and for various workshop and industrial uses can be of double importance in setting up these types of industrial units and requires specialized knowledge and familiarity with the characteristics of an industrial switchboard. The construction of electrical panels, or in general the design and construction projects of electrical panels of various industries, is a complex process during which all kinds of electrical parts such as switches, fuses, current relays, etc. will be installed in the panel to supply electricity.

In the installation map of buildings and industrial units and factory switchboard projects, as in the example of the Arian Perto project for industries, you can see various details and abbreviations for the types of parts installed in the switchboard. Knowing the types of these abbreviations in electrical switchboard industrial projects can be helpful for installing the best type of them and optimizing energy consumption, protecting the environment, increasing the efficiency of the electrical switchboard, reducing the damage of its parts, and maintaining the safety of the parts and people in contact with it. In this article, there are explanations about the electrical switchboard projects of factories and industrial units.

List of factory and industrial switchboard projects

According to the mentioned cases, the design, drawing and implementation of industrial switchboard is one of the most important parts of the implementation of industrial units and they are used in the development of industrial electricity and industrial switchboard projects. Knowledge and experience of working with various types of electrical components and various devices to supply different branches of high voltage electricity from electrical panels, such as transformer devices, types of relays, wire and cable connections, various switches, electrical panel fuses and carrying out industrial electrical panel design and construction projects different has caused the project example of Arin Perto to be recognized as one of the most complete and practical types of electrical switchboard industrial projects.

  • Power plant and refinery switchboard
  • Electric panel of metal smelting industrial plants
  • High pressure switchboard of educational spaces and office-commercial halls
  • The electrical panel of the stadium
  • City switchboard (Outdoor)
  • Types of electrical panels in various categories

As mentioned, industrial switchboard projects are designed and built today for industrial spaces and buildings with various uses. Therefore, knowledge of the types of categories and knowledge of how to install, different parts used in them and optimal maintenance of these panels can be useful in optimizing their use and prevent the occurrence of technical text, installation problems and excessive consumption of electrical energy. Electrical panel design and construction projects of various industries today have specific categories and types, and in the following, a number of categories of electrical panel types have been introduced.


Various switchboards are divided into different types in terms of type and structure, such as Metal Enclosed switchboard, Metal Clad, Compartment Type, Withdrawable, Rack switchboard and Swing switchboard. The type of switchboard enclosure, whether it is stationary or wall-mounted, visibility inside the industrial switchboard, etc. are criteria that vary in each type of these switchboards.


Also, in terms of voltage, electrical panels are divided into three categories: HV or high voltage, MV or medium voltage, and LV or low voltage. Mainly high voltage and medium voltage electrical panels are used for power supply in the industrial electrical installation network, such as the examples of the Arian Perto project.

installation location

Also, the types of electrical panels above are divided into two categories, Indoor and Outdoor, in terms of placement, and the electrical panel projects of factories and spaces with large industrial and commercial use are indoor and under special protection and care. Outdoor switchboards are mainly considered for urban electricity and power supply networks in streets, crossings and residential areas.

The preparation and construction of different types of switchboards in industrial projects. Switchboards to optimize energy consumption and supply electricity to various electrical terminals in industrial spaces is one of the most important and main parts of industrial development and production. By choosing the right switchboards, we can avoid errors and technical defects in the network. Electrification prevented the occurrence of damage such as short circuit and fire, damage to electrical devices connected to the utility network and energy loss.