(Building Management Systems) bms :

BMS is a type of building management system that is also known as building automation, bms systems are control networks based on smart microprocessors that are used to control technical building systems and services such as air conditioning, ventilation, Heating and cooling system, lighting, CCTV, Access Control are used, in the whole BMS system is a building master system that creates a gap between all the technical components of a building, which reduces 20 to 30% of the building’s energy consumption. Another advantage of a fragmented system is that it is much easier to supply and maintain than a building without a building management system, because microprocessors are constantly processing, preparing technical and consumer reports from all building systems.


How does BMS work?

The building management system works with standards such as: BACnet, Modbus, Lonworks, etc., all of these standards help building or industrial equipment to communicate properly so that ultimately, low energy consumption and depreciation are reduced. All the parts or equipment that are under the control of BMS, and this will save costs in the long run, such as energy, supply and maintenance, time, etc.

In general, if you intend to reduce the costs of your building, optimize the performance of your building equipment, increase the comfort of the residents of the residential building or the efficiency of the employees or company employees, want comprehensive and integrated system protection, the most up-to-date electrical standards Have the world in your system, the BMS system is the fastest, simplest and most affordable solution, regardless of the age and size of the building, you can get the best advice from Arian Parto company.