About Arin Parto

Introduction and capability of Arin Perto Power Development Company: Arian Perto Power Development Company was established in 1375 with the aim of creating employment and serving the beloved Islamic homeland by employing young engineers and activists in the field of industry and construction, and has been able to take solid and valuable steps. Take it in this way.

There are hundreds of different design, production and supervision and implementation projects in the field of industrial electrical panels, which show the determination of the company’s management in the direction of the desire for lofty peaks and construction and service to our beloved country.

Currently, we are proud to produce our products in the country’s electrical industry, including industrial switchboards, building switchboards, and cable trays in the highest possible quality in Iran, and to achieve the highest satisfaction rate for our customers.

Also, this company plays an important role in providing quality and standard products to dear customers by supplying other electrical equipment such as wires and cables and industrial and construction supplies needed by the country’s industry and construction sector.

Arin Perto company is based on three main principles at the beginning of production:

The first principle is the authenticity of the goods used and the goods used in the products produced by this company, which are of the highest quality.

The second principle of the unique support of Arin Perto team is always one of our important goals to provide the best technical support to our dear customers. People who work in the industry know much better that support should be available 24 hours a day, and we do this by fixing the infrastructure. We have been able to solve many of our customers’ problems by providing 24-hour support.

The third principle of service is that all electrical panels produced by this company have a one-year unconditional warranty because we are completely sure of the originality of all the parts used and we want you to be completely sure of your purchase.

We are always trying with all our strength to provide the best services at the highest level of quality to you dear ones.