What is knx?

KNX (knx) which stands for (Konnex) is a kind of global standard that uses this standard between
The components of the smart home (smart home) create a fragmentation so that the data can be sent easily between the components
Smart home transmission, this protocol or standard is one of the best standards
Cable TV is a smart home that has been the best in the smart home market for many years
World brands such as ABB, Schneider, INTERRA,
Used Zennio, Berker, Multitek, Akuvox

Why knx in smart home?

This company has more than 20 years of experience with 114 reputable global companies
It works that all these companies use the KNX standard for the base of their products
They use their own production, high performance, speed between data transfer and many beams
The strictness of this company has made reputable electrical companies interested in it for years
be included in the standard knx list.

KNX with development
own standards in 2006 with several data transmission networks named (Baitbus, EIB and EHS). This standard is approved by international protocols ISO/IEC 14543-3, standard
Europe EN 50090 and
CEN EN 13321-1, ANSI/ASHRAE standard and China GB/T 20965 standard. Currently, 150 countries of the world use the KNX system.

What is the difference between a smart home and a traditional home?
What are the standards used for?

First of all, it should be said that the smart system that works with KNX works with a wire network
BUS, like the nerve fibers in our body, transmits related information
The central core or the smart switchboard is based on KNX standard.
The biggest advantages of KNX are, in homes that
They have the traditional electric standard, very high energy consumption, less beauty compared to
Smart control equipment, having electricity behind the used equipment has caused the number every day
Requests to make the house smart are one of the factors that cause more
SMART HOME users have become more expensive in energy
It is the global level, which forces the use of smart home control equipment
The European Union has been since 2025. In the KNX protocol there is no electricity behind
There is no used equipment. For example, you are considering the lighting system of your home
Turn off to exit completely by defining a key in your smart key of this data
you give it to the electrical panel, and the power in the electrical panel is the relays used for the lamp
Your house will be disconnected and the smart key will only transfer data and not disconnect
Connect the power.

Can traditional houses be equipped with a smart home system?

Yes, it can be done by rebuilding the cabling system of ordinary buildings
He turned them into a smart home, you may be asked about the cost of renovation
It can be a lot, but considering saving 50% in energy consumption in your home, that’s it
The costs of running a smart home will be fully recovered in the first years