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Capacitive switchboard, changeover switchboard, PLC switchboard, smart building switchboard...

About Arin Parto

The first principle is the authenticity of the goods used and the goods used in the products produced by this company, which are of the highest quality.

The second principle of the unique support of the Arian Perto team is always one of our important goals to provide the best technical support to our dear customers. People who work in the industry know much better that support should be available 24 hours a day, and we do this by fixing the infrastructure. We have been able to solve many of our customers’ problems by providing 24-hour support.

The third principle is service. All the electrical panels produced by this company have a one-year unconditional warranty because we are completely sure of the originality of all the parts used and we want you to have complete confidence in your purchase. .

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Making all kinds of industrial switchboards

Manufacturing all kinds of industrial switchboards for factories, workshops, banks, smart buildings and all kinds of PLC switchboards
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Professional experts and manufacturers of electrical panels

Arin Perto is proud to use first-class professionals to make electrical panels. You can be sure that we will design the optimal electrical panel for you.

Professional switchboard manufacturer

ایمنی تابلو برق
Safe and reliable electrical panel

Observance of safety tips in the construction of all electrical panels, which increases the safety and reliability of the panels.

Safety, the first step

24 hour support

We are proud to be at your service 24 hours a day for support, just call the number below.

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Some examples of industrial switchboard construction

تابلو برق خازنی
National Bank project

Melli Bank capacitor bank switchboard

تابلو برق ریتال
National Oil Company project

Rital electrical panel

تابلو برق PLC
Central Bank Project

Smart building electrical panel

Professionals choose us...

Arin Perto is proud to have many successful collaborations with large companies and organizations.
Some of these organizations and companies are: Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, National Bank of Iran, Mehen Factory,
Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, National Iranian Oil and Gas Company, Drilling Company, Isaco Company, Saipa Automobile Company and…

Customer opinion about us


After numerous inquiries in terms of price and quality, we made sure that we have chosen the best option. After finishing the work, everyone agreed with us. We are grateful to Arin Perto collection.

Representative of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Mr Hosseini


For a part of the production line, we needed a reliable switchboard to avoid possible risks, and Arin Perto and Mr. Hosni’s group did this project efficiently for us.

Saipa company representative

Mr. Mohammadzadeh


Industrial switchboards made after checking and performing quality control tests have a high standard. This board has been approved and its installation is free.

Representative of the National Oil and Gas Company

Responsible for QC department

Arin Parto

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