Engine room service and maintenance

Today, installation skills and knowledge of maintenance of various important parts of the building are necessary and important for their optimal use by residents. A building may have various uses such as residential, commercial and administrative, educational or industrial and workshop and according to the dimensions, the number of people expected to be present in it during a certain period of time, special requirements, the area under construction and many criteria. Other, various facilities and facilities are designed and implemented to optimize and facilitate its use inside and outside the building.

One of the most important and main parts of any structure for its optimal use is mechanical installations and the supply of fluids needed for the well-being of its residents and users. The supply of hot and cold water for washing and circulation of this flow in the piping system of the building and supply of clean, purified and cool air if necessary in various types of buildings is the responsibility of the engine house. Building engine houses are important and fundamental components for their proper use, and as the height and area of the building base increases, the optimal monitoring and maintenance of the mechanical installations of engine houses becomes more important. In this article, there are explanations about how to work, necessary measures for engine room maintenance, benefits and services needed to perform existing services.

ضرورت تعمیر و نگهداری موتورخانه

What is the engine house and how does it work in the building?

Mechanical room, boiler room or engine room, is a room or space in the building, mainly in its lower floors, which is dedicated to the mechanical equipment needed for heating and supply of consumable fluids in the building. The power of the engine room is usually proportional to the size (square footage and floors) and use of the building, unless the building is served by several heating sources or centralized engine room and auxiliary equipment. A small building or house may have at most one engine room, but in larger buildings, these important facility spaces can have significant dimensions and in many cases require several interior spaces throughout the building, or even one or Occupy several full floors.

Engine houses mainly have facilities such as burners, boilers, coolers, temperature exchangers, tanks, distribution pumps, etc. Also, in most buildings, various other parts of the building’s facilities are also placed in engine rooms. Supplying hot water for internal consumption and heating and returning cold water in the circulation system of facilities for reheating, purifying and cooling the environment, as well as air conditioning and supplying cold water if necessary, are among the functions of the engine room. In general, motorhomes are one of the most important and key spaces for all buildings, especially buildings with important uses such as office, educational, commercial, recreational and industrial spaces, and the use of the equipment in it, maintenance and repair of the motorhome and many related functions. An important part of the building requires technical and specialized knowledge and relevant experience in this field.

Necessary measures to maintain the engine room

Engine house repair is one of the most important building repairs, and if non-professional and inexperienced repairmen are used in this field, it will result in countless costs for users and employers. For this purpose, we advise you to seek help from expert repairmen in case of any repair and maintenance of the engine room of your buildings, so that in addition to the specialized and fundamental repair of various parts of the engine room, you can also save your time and money.

You might be asking now what is the difference between experienced professional repairmen and less experienced non-professional repairmen? In response to your question, we must say that professional repairmen are generally people who have been working in the field of repairing various facilities for many years, and therefore have learned the art of work with experience and practical skills, and they use special tricks to repair facilities and the engine room of the building. Among the most important of these tricks is the use of checklists.

As mentioned, the engine room is an essential part in supplying the required hot and cold fluids and sometimes ventilating and removing unpleasant air from the place of residence, work and large and small buildings with different uses. The proper operation of the engine room can play a key role in reducing energy consumption costs, increasing the efficiency of mechanical heating and cooling facilities, comfort and convenience during residence or in temporary uses of all kinds of structures. Considering that the monitoring, maintenance and repair of the engine room is necessary and of course specialized and requires experienced repairmen and compliance with safety principles, below are a number of items that need to be checked and calibrated in periodic reviews, which the authorized service providers should include in the list of components. Put your review (checklist).

  • Review and check the operation of the vacuum pump
  • Checking the operation of the cooling tower and its fan belt
  • Review of the torch and the flame produced by it
  • Aligning the axis of the water pump
  • Boiler Augostat Review
  • Inspection of pump vibrations in the engine room
  • Checking the hardness size and correct functioning of the water softener in the engine house
  • Reviewing and checking the working conditions of the photoswitch
  • Heating pump repair and service
  • Repair and service of engine room burners
  • Repair of steel boiler and spa boiler
  • Replacing fire pipe of steam boiler and spa boiler
  • Coiling and turning of heating circulation pump
  • Installation of inverter for three-phase pumps
  • Repair of the heating boiler and replacement of the blade of the heating cast iron boiler
  • Implementation of motor home, repairs and maintenance of motor home
  • Home motor repair, heating installation, compression chiller and pool maintenance
  • Water pump repair (building water pressure pump, Pentak pump and Chinese pump)
  • Repairing the electrical panel of the motor home and central facilities (contactor and bimetal and phase control and other electrical panels)
  • Installation and commissioning of motor homes, building facilities and water and sewage piping
  • Replacing the heating pump coupling (heating pump chain coupling and pump rubber coupling) and water supply pump

استعلام قیمت تعمیر موتورخانه

By using the checklist and reviewing the above items in engine room maintenance, not only engine room costs and energy consumption in the building facilities sector are saved and the lifespan of mechanical facilities is increased, but also from the occurrence of any accidents such as fire and heavy financial losses. It is prevented in various mechanical installations in the engine room.

In addition to the checklists, professional repairmen identify many defects and fix them by checking different parts of the engine room facilities and walking around and listening to the sounds in the engine room. Also, by checking the gauges, temperature and pressure sensors, they will check the temperature of the equipment and facilities and if the temperature is outside the normal range, they will check the cause and fix it.

According to the checklists, the repairmen check all the electrical panels with an ammeter to ensure that their load is within the normal and specified limits, and therefore, if they encounter a hot wire or a wire with an unusual temperature, problems related to connections check and fix them.

Professional repairmen always check the open expansion sources of buildings, which are generally located on the roof, to find the problems and defects of the engine room according to their performance, and finally, it should be said that the professional repairmen of all parts of the engine room, such as cooling towers, air conditioners and fans , they check the generator, pool sand filters and other engine room equipments and in case of any defects in these equipments, they repair and service them quickly.

Benefits of engine room service and maintenance

According to the mentioned cases, engine room maintenance has advantages such as reducing the overall costs of energy consumption as well as reducing the costs of supplying parts needed in the utility network, increasing the useful life of piping and various heating and cooling devices, and preventing The occurrence of any possible failure is during peak consumption times and the need for such facilities. Nowadays, the maintenance of the engine room is necessary and vital for buildings that have commercial-administrative as well as industrial use and have a large area and multiple floors, and it can lead to saving repair and revision time in addition to having the above advantages.

It is possible to reduce the maintenance cost of the engine room by reducing the intervals of periodic reviews in the maintenance and repair of the engine room, because in this case, the safety and proper functioning of various parts and devices are checked periodically, and there is no need to waste time in successive reviews. Installation, start-up, repair and maintenance of the engine room and most importantly the optimal use of the building’s mechanical facilities require continuous follow-up and the application of specialized engineering and technical knowledge in this field, and each of the above services can lead to high or low costs. The factors affecting the maintenance of the engine room are examined below.

The price of repairing the engine room and the cost of its maintenance

Considering that the implementation of any part of the facility, the installation of any device or the maintenance of the engine room requires the use of professional and experienced equipment and technicians, the cost estimation of periodic services and the price inquiry for the repair of the engine room and the repair of various devices, equipment and facilities installed in it and the maintenance of this Devices are an important criterion in determining the amount of budget required for these types of services. Various criteria play a role in determining the maintenance price of the engine room and the cost of the mechanical facilities in it, some of which have been examined in this section.

قیمت نگهداری موتورخانه

Engine room age

Considering that with the passage of time, the wear and tear of components, equipment and devices used in the engine room will increase, the need of this part of the building for periodical services and installation and mechanical services will increase. It should be remembered that older engine houses may not benefit from proper insulation, or their installation insulation may be worn out and destroyed, and the components used in their devices may be blocked and damaged. Therefore, the age of the engine room can play an essential role in estimating the maintenance costs of the engine room.

Dimensions and size of the engine room

As it was mentioned in the previous sections, the dimensions of the engine room and its number in the building, especially the buildings with high infrastructure, can be effective in determining the maintenance and repair costs of the engine room of the residential building. Obviously, the larger the size of the engine room, the more people are needed as engine room repairmen and more time in person-hours to optimize the performance and service of the engine room.

Time interval between visits

Although the cost of inspection and periodic services will be lower by reducing the time interval between visits, in general, due to successive inspection and in shorter times, the annual maintenance costs of engine house facilities will increase. Optimizing engine room performance and reducing periodic review costs by determining the appropriate time interval between visits can be effective in determining the cost and price of engine room repair.

Arian Perto services for engine room service and maintenance

Nowadays, due to the necessity of maintenance and repair of the engine room, various people and companies have provided periodic services in this field with the highest quality and the lowest price. The periodic and continuous review of the engine room, like other parts of construction facilities, can reduce the costs of repairing the engine room, heating and maintenance, in addition to ensuring the safety of people and mechanical and electrical equipment installed in the building, and in the meantime, Arin Parto company with a history of more than twenty years in Maintenance and repair of all types of engine room is one of the pioneers in this field in the market of providing mechanical engineering installation services.

By carrying out more than hundreds of installation projects in our country, Iran, as well as having a strong technical and specialized support team in the field of electrical and mechanical installations, technical knowledge and key infrastructures such as human resources, it provides services such as optimization, troubleshooting of the engine room system, water supply and pumping and repair of various devices in the engine room and mechanical facilities, and in this field, it is ready to cooperate with various employers in order to optimize energy consumption and more productivity of various types of devices and equipment.